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Hans Spear

»I´m humbly proud that because of my training, and simply by the misfortune of having been born in Germany I was saving many American lives.
And I never fired one shot in anger in all of WWII. That was not my job. I was protecting the people who were shooting. That was my job.«


In 1918 Hans Spier is born in a small town in Germany, where his family has lived for over 500 years. As a 20-year-old he escapes to the USA and soon after marries his childhood sweetheart Bea who also fled from Germany. In summer 1943 he joins the army and is transferred to Camp Ritchie.

In spring 1944 Hans Spier, returns to Europe. He serves in a Counter Intelligence Corps from Normandy althrough Europe and six months with the army of occupation after the war came to an end. After crossing the German border Hans Spear discovers one of the secret children homes of the German “Lebensborn“, the Nazis’ breeding place for the next generation of the Arian superrace.

In December 1945 Hans Spear returns to the USA. He founds a painting company in Chicago which eventually has 300 employees. Today he lives with his wife in Tucson, Arizona.